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One day and four outfits in London

by hullymood
One day and four outfits in London

Oh my god! What was going on on my mind when I booked this trip?! One day, four outfits, a lot of stress and much fun. But let me start in the beginning.

I was thinking about a one-day-trip for a while, when actually I decided to look for flights. It was a thursday evening. I found a flight two days later and I just booked it. At that point I just realized what I did and started to panic. Which outfits should I wear? Where should I go? Where can I shop? Luckily I was in London before, so I’m a bit familiar with the city. I planned my route and my outfits and in the end it all felt good.

My alarm clock ringed 5 o’clock in the morning. Oh dear, that was early. After two coffee I was able to do my make-up. That was a real torture but three hours later I was already in London. I was glad I landed in Heathrow, because it’s just a 15 minute ride from there to Paddington. This is really cool and time saving.

My route, which I planned the day before, started in Notting Hill. It was my first time in Notting Hill and it is just paradisaically. I wouldn’t think that I’m actually in London. It was more like a small idyllic town to me. And the best is, there are so many streets full of colorful houses. All in pastel colors. This looks so cute. I walked around there for a while and just enjoyed the flair.

dress: ASOS (similar here)
jacket: MANGO (here)
bag: YSL (here)
shoes: PUMA (here)

My next stop should have been Trevor Square Fourteen. It’s the just a small white house with a pink door and and window shutters. It was just the perfect scenery for my Instafeed. So I took a bunch of photos there. All these cute houses, also these in Notting Hill, are in small sidestreets next to the big touristwalks. So it’s really recommendable to walk just in these streets and you will find these jewels.

dress: TED BAKER (similar here)
boots: VAGABOND (here)
bag: YSL (here)
sunnies: ASOS (here)
watch: PAUL HEWITT (here)

Of course I also had to visit Peggy Porschen. I saw it on Instagram and was in love at first sight. Everything I like comes together in this cute little café. It’s pink, the entrance is full of flowers and it serves cute looking pastry. So I had to see it with my own eyes. I was not the only one who had the same idea. I think Instagram gave Peggy Porschen a really big hype. There were so many people in front to take a photo. But just visiting this cute little place is really worth it.

dress: CHICWISH (similar here)
jacket: ASOS (here)
bag: YSL (here)
shoes: PUMA (similar here)
watch: CLUSE (here)

All the time I had the feeling that I’m not in London, because the places I’ve been to since then were so calm and not full of people like I expected it. I was proved wrong the nearer I came to Big Ben and London Eye. It was so crowded there, that I wanted to go away as fast as I could. Haha…. on my escape I took some last pictures of course 😉

dress: ZARA (last season)
sweater: BERSHKA (sold out, unfortunately)
bag: YSL (here)
shoes: PUMA (here)
watch: CLUSE (here)

After I visited all these places I enjoyed the rest of the day at the West End having some coffee and shopping of course. It’s so cool that they have all the shops there, where I can only shop online from Germany. So it was more than amazing for me 🙂

But all good things come to an end and I had to leave London in the evening 🙁 But it’s so easy to go there, so I will definitely will come back. Maybe for some more days then.

The lesson I learned from this trip? If you plan everything exactly before, you can get so much done in one day.

When will you do your one-day-trip to London???? 🙂

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