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My summer hairstyles

by hullymood
My summer hairstyles

The summer just started 🙂 yeah…. I always wait for this moment the whole year, because I’m totally a summer girl. There are so many cool things you can wear in the summer like skirts, shorts, beautiful dresses, sandals and the best is, that you don’t have to hide all this under a thick jacket 🙂 But you know what? The hairstyle just makes the outfit complete! So that’s why I want to share my summer hairstyles with you 😉

Buns Buns Buns

All girls with long hair might know the struggle and especially girls with dark hair. It could get very hot on your head, your neck and your shoulders. So I love to take all my hair together to get a little cooling effect. A bun is perfect for that. It’s done very fast and it doesn’t have to look perfect. So you can just put your hair together and fix it with a hair tie or if your hair is long enough you can even stick it in itself together. If you want a  cleaner look you can also use a bun ring to get the perfect bun. And don’t think one bun is enough. You can try even two buns to get a minnie mouse or princess Leia look 😉


Braids Braids Braids

Another cool thing to get over the struggle I described in the beginning you can also braid your hair. The possibilities you have here are soooooooo huge. Just have a look on YouTube and you will see how many different hairstyles you can do with braids. You just have to find out what you like and what is best for you.


Flowers Flowers Flowers

So we know that buns and braids are great but to get the most out of it, just add flowers. At the moment I see hairbands and hair clips with flowers on it everywhere. You can get it in any color and size. You might know that I love flowers 😉 so I  love to add it to my hairstyles 🙂


So now it’s your turn. Play around with your hair and try something new. I think there are many things you didn’t do with your hair now. So why don’t you just try? 🙂

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