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Welcome to my living room

by hullymood
Welcome to my living room

I finally finished my living room 🙂 it was a bunch of work to get all together but in the end I’m more than happy with the result. So let me share my experiences with you 🙂

It all began with the search for the perfect pink sofa, which was harder than I could have ever believed. Finding at least one stylish pink sofa turned out more difficult than I thought. I browsed the whole web, when I suddenly found it. It was love at first sight. And that there was a perfect fitting armchair made it even better. I love that mix of retro and Scandinavian design so much. But with just a sofa and an armchair my living room looked really joyless, despite the fact that it was pink.

So I looked for a carpet. Because what I learned from one of my favorite movies, The Big Lebowski, is that a carpet “really tied the room together”. I ordered so many different carpets to try them and in the end I felt like a carpet shop, but luckily there was one I liked. And it really tied the room together. So always remember that you can learn important thing from movies 😉

Of course you want to put down some drinks or your computer when you hang out on your sofa. So I looked for a glas table with a golden rack. But I found nothing! Really nothing! In my distress I decided to start a DIY project and built my own table. I went to Ikea and bought a table, cut the legs and painted it gold. The basic framework of my living room was finished and I could start with my favorite part. Decorating!!!

I love decorating so much. I would even call me a deco fanatic. The decoration just gives the room a face, a life, a spirit. So I started with pillows and blankets to get the coziness, which is most important for me. With some small side tables I got some more storage space and my Marshall speaker found its place between the sofa and the armchair. I love this little thing. It sounds so great and if I want it can be so loud that it would turn my living room into a discotheque. At least until my neighbors come around.

Recently I discovered my love for posters. I really bought a bunch of them, framed them and tried different combinations. First I put them onto a rail, which is really cool, because you can change them as often as you like. But after a while I decided to hang them on the wall. And I am so happy with that. It looks so stylish and fits perfectly in my room.

I was really happy about the result but I had the feeling that something is missing on the other wall. Someday I got the perfect idea. A light string all over the wall. I browsed the web and ordered one. Two days later my living room was perfect. The light string added so much coziness and positive vibes to the room.

I never thought that I could have a living room like that. In the past I dreamed of a living room like in the magazine. But if you know what you like and look for it in detail, you will get the room you dream of.

I hope I could inspire you to follow your heart and dreams to live in the surrounding you want.

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Here you can get some new styles for your living room

Some pink furniture









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